India accounts for about 10 percent of road accident fatalities worldwide. Driver education, stricter law enforcement and better infrastructure are the need of the hour. Maruti Suzuki and Autocar India have joined hands to do their bit to make Indian roads a safer place by instituting the Maruti Suzuki - Autocar Young Drivers 2016 programme.

"As India's leading car maker, it is our responsibility to play a proactive role towards enhancing road safety and creating awareness about high driving standards. The Maruti Suzuki Autocar Young Drivers Contest is one such initiative. Safe Driving is a habit that needs to be inculcated in people at a very early age. An annual event in our calendar, it provides a perfect platform for young drivers to improve their driving skills. Because at Maruti Suzuki, we believe that better drivers make better roads."

- Mr. R.S. Kalsi, Executive Director (Marketing & Sales) at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

"India has the worst road safety records in the world with the maximum number of road-related deaths. Autocar India believes that the lack of proper driver training and a lax licensing procedure is the root cause for such a high death toll. The Young Drivers programme is aimed at creating a culture of road safety amongst the youth by highlighting the importance of sensible driving skills."

- Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India