1. Now that I am selected for Phase II, what happens next?

The next step is an actual driving test. This test can be taken at any of the nearest Maruti Driving Schools (MDS) across 42 major cities & 148 centers.

2. How do I schedule my test for phase II?

Step 1 - Log on to www.youngdriver.in

Step 2 - Login with your Username and Password as provided to you.

Step 3 - Fill out the details on the form. Choose the nearest centre, date and time to schedule your test.

3. On what basis will I be selected for the Grand Finale?

You will be judged on the basis of your driving accuracy and skills.

4. Who will the judges be during phase II?

Expert trainers from MDS centre will judge your accuracy and driving skills.

5. Which are the nearest Maruti Driving School?

To find the nearest Maruti Driving School, click on the MDS Centre List under the Participation section on the website.

6. How long will the driving test take?

15 - 20 minutes maximum. However, you have to be present at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time to take the test.

7. Can I give the driving test from any other city or is it compulsory for me to give it in my own city?

You can schedule your test from any city from the available options as long as you can take the test on the scheduled date & time. Also, the cost incurred while traveling to the city where the test is scheduled will be borne by the contestant.

8. Can someone else give the test on my behalf?

No, this will not be allowed.

9. What if I don’t have a valid driving license?

In case a contestant doesn’t have a valid driving license, he/she will be disqualified at the time of the scheduled test.

10. I have already scheduled my test but I won’t be able to make it at the time allotted to me. Is it possible to re-schedule the tests?

Yes, you can re-schedule your test by clicking on ‘Book Your Slot’ under the Participation section on the website.